A minicourse on Fractal geometry in June 2022

UNIOGS TNS-DP Doctoral programme offers the following course in June 13th-17th. All students and faculty members are welcome to join the lectures. See the event link for lecture and exercises schedule.

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A minicourse on Fractal geometry in June 2022 by

Pablo Shmerkin (University of British Columbia) and

Alexia Yavicoli (University of British Columbia)


The course will feature an introduction to some basic concepts in fractal geometry, including Hausdorff dimension, thickness and self-similarity. The emphasis will be on intersection properties of fractals. We will review some classical results related to intersections (Marstrand's slicing theorem and Newhouse's gap lemma) and give an overview of some recent research directions related to fractal intersections.

Last updated: 9.5.2022