Nokia - Elisa Student Network Challenge 2023

You are welcome to collect a team of 2-4 persons and join the light-weight afternoon hackathon!

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Tellus Stage

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Challenges available:

  1. Network as a Code
  2. Smart City and Smart Society

The best performing teams will be awarded! Please register your team here.

Student network challenge will take place at Tellus Stage on Tuesday 28th Nov between 13.00-16.30.

Before the hackathon, you are welcome to have a chat with Nokia and Elisa and learn about career opportunities in companies! Nokia's and Elisa's company visit will take place in front of the Career Centre at 10-13.


10.30–13.00: Nokia and Elisa company visit @ Career Centre

13.00–16.30: Student Network Challenge 2023

13.20.-13.30: Challenges introduction

- Snacks and soft drinks -

13.30-15.30: Teamwork

15.30- 16.30: Presentations & real time judging

16.30- : Final ceremony and closing

Last updated: 27.11.2023