Opening event of the Tree Faces Exhibition

The 2023 Science Garden digital photo exhibition is the four-part “Tree Faces Exhibition” by Francis Joy. Welcome to the opening event of the Tree Faces Exhibition at the University of Oulu Science Garden!
An image containing a pine root that looks like an animal

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Oulun yliopiston tiedepuutarhalla. Osoite Kaitoväylä 5, Linnanmaan.

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Francis Joy’s photographic digital exhibition brings together a collection of tree faces, eyes and defining characteristics that look like bodies of elves, fairies and other beings that have been captured within different species of trees from northern Finland. These forms and features help remind us of certain magical powers inherent within trees and how they can communicate with human beings if we learn to be still and allow their presence to become more evident to us in different ways as we attune our own personal rhythm to those within nature in order to transform our lives.

Dr Francis Joy is a post-doctoral researcher, from the United Kingdom who is currently living and working in Rovaniemi, specializing in the study of shamanism.

Last updated: 13.1.2023