POHJAT - Entrepreneurship Week of Northern Ostrobothnia 4.-8.9.2023

Interested in entrepreneurship?
The Entrepreneurship Week is held in order to celebrate the relentless spirit of the northern entrepreneurship. By bringing like-minded folk together, we share ideas and discussions. We learn from each other, and by doing so, gather tools that lay the road towards our goals.

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The bottom line is, that talks, workshops, and networking shall serve as a solid groundwork for successful entrepreneurship. Together it forms a rock-solid basis that endures even in the conditions of this northern land.

Events in English

You can find all the Entrepreneurship Week events and information on the POHJAT festival website pohjatfest.com

Most of the events during Pohjat are held in Finnish. Below you will find the events in English. Some of the events require enrollment in advance. If so, remember to enroll yourself in the event intriguing you. Whether the event requires enrollment or not, it is mentioned in the event’s description.

Events are organized in different places, e.g. Linnanmaa campus and BusinessAsema (Hallituskatu 36, close to the railway station).

Monday 4.9.

13.00–15.00 @ Oamk Business Corner
Start your startup fastest by validating! Pre-event for Startup Weekend
How do you know that you are solving the right problem, building the right solution or business?Join us for a validation workshop that helps you get ahead of the competition and fast-track your startup growth! Registration required.

15.00–17.00 @ BusinessAsema (Hallituskatu 36)
Starting business in Finland: meet international entrepreneurs of Oulu
Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? Expand your peer network, discover new ideas, hear it all from the already established international entrepreneurs in Oulu and network! All happening on Monday 04.09.23 at BusinessAsema ( Hallituskatu 36 B, 90100 Oulu) from 15-00-17-00. The event is organized by Business Oulu, OSKE, IH and Startup Refugees as part of the entrepreneurship week. Participation does not require registration.

Thursday 7.9.

12.00–14.00 @ Oulu University Innovation Centre
Get to know the Innovation Centre

The Oulu University Innovation Centre opens its doors, and it means that both students and researchers are welcome to the Innovation Centre’s Olohuone to hear more about the Innovation Centre’s activities and to discuss, among other things, the possibilities of research-based inventions, company cooperation and business development. Coffee and snacks are provided.

The Innovation Centre is located on the Linnanmaa Campus, near the R-door. Participation does not require registration.

14.00–16.00 @ BusinessAsema, Ahjo (Hallituskatu 36)
Business Plan 101, Shefat Islam BusinessOulu

Are you ready to transform your business idea into a thriving reality? Come to the business plan workshop and master the art of creating a compelling business plan that captivates investors, partners, and stakeholders. Learn to outline your vision, mission, target market, competitive advantage, and financial projections. No enrollment required.

17.00–19.00 @ Startup Station (Hallituskatu 36)
Season Opening, StartupOulu.com

Startup Station is a new startup hub by BusinessOulu that aims to offer inspiration, knowledge and networking. We are on a mission to expand the pool of innovation enthusiasts and create even more successful startups in Oulu. We bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage startup teams, advisors, incubator programs, and ecosystem partners, who share a common interest and passion for growth.

Join our season opening to:

  • Learn more about Startup Station
  • Discover and apply for Startup Express pre-incubator program
  • Network with like-mided people and the local ecosystem players

No enrollment required.


Pohjat Festival is brought to by: Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu, OSAO, Kaleva Media, Business Oulu and Oulu Chamber of Commerce.

Last updated: 28.8.2023