The power of eye-tracking: exploring human behavior with cutting-edge technology

Learn more about eye-tracking technology, a research tool for various research areas that unveils the workings of our visual attention and hidden insights into how people behave. With the ability to track eye movements, measure pupil dilation, and pinpoint the exact focus of our gaze, this technology opens a gateway to understanding what captivates our attention, what we ignore, and how our cognitive processes unfold.

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LeaF, Linnanmaa Campus and Zoom

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Join us for a hybrid event with Professor Halszka Jarodzka from Open University of the Netherlands, as she presents a comprehensive overview of the technological background and the psychology of visual perception and Dr. Joni Lämsä from the University of Oulu, who takes the stage to demonstrate the new EyeLink Portable Duo-system in a hands-on session.

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9.00 The Power of Eye-Tracking - overview of the technological background and psychology of visual perception

Join us for an exploration of eye-tracking technology, into its background and benefits for different research settings. Prof. Dr. Halszka Jarodzka is a distinguished international researcher and expert in utilizing eye-tracking technology from the Open University of the Netherlands.

10.00 Get Hands-On with the EyeLink Portable Duo System!

Experience the features of the eye-tracking technology during a hands-on session featuring the new EyeLink Portable Duo system. Led by Dr. Joni Lämsä, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Oulu's Learning and Educational Technology (LET) research lab. Designed to provide fast, accurate, and reliable eye tracking, the EyeLink Portable Duo opens endless possibilities for research in various scenarios.

Last updated: 11.9.2023