Robotics event of the manufacturing industry

Welcome to the robotics event of the manufacturing industry at the Linnanmaa campus! During the day an overview is given on timely trends of the field and collaboration opportunities provided by academics.
Kuvassa robottikäsi, Robotiikkatapahtuma Linnanmaalla 12.5.2022

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Machine workshop area of the Linnanmaa campus (T2 door)

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  • Cobot polishing, screwing etc.
  • Welding, industrial robot/cobot
  • Machine tool service cobot/industrial robot
  • Opportunities provided by higher educational institutes
  • New technologies in operation

The event is organized by EAKR-funded Käypi-project and ESR-funded Rokka-project.

Additional information

Project manager Jyri-Jussi Torvinen

Last updated: 26.4.2022