Science event for the whole family at the University of Oulu Science Garden

Go on an expedition! A new adventure awaits at the University of Oulu's Science Garden, where a science event aimed at the whole family will be held again!
kuva Tiedepuutarhasta aiemman tapahtuman yhteydessä

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University of Oulu Science Garden. Kaitoväylä 5, Linnanmaan.

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In the area of the science garden and greenhouses, there are four different science points, which by going around you will get the explorer's badge. This time, the science points of geography, music education, speak therapy and dentistry are included.

The event is free of charge. Participation does not require separate registration. The event also offers the opportunity to get to know the greenhouses and grill marshmallows outside.


Last updated: 21.3.2023