Screening and discussion around the movie "Eliott and the wolves"

The film is a 35min family movie about living together with large predators in an Italian national park. The story, told through the eyes of a child, offer an excellent insight on how humans learnt to live together with large carnivores in the Italian context.
Landscape silhouette where a child and an adult are looking with binoculars and sitting on a hill.

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Science Garden, University of Oulu

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Screening and discussion around the movie "Eliott and the wolves". Screening of the movie in the presence of the director, Clément Couturier, followed by Q&A with the audience, and coffee time for informal discussion.

If you are planning to attend the event, please register.

The film is in Italian and French, with English subtitles. The event will be held on April 5th 2022, 15:00-16:30, at the University of Oulu Science Garden.

The event is organised as part of the Biodiverse Anthropocenes research programme.

Last updated: 29.3.2022