Societal Impact of Eudaimonia Researchers (Jani Sassali)

Have you ever wondered how societal impact of research is measured and what the societal impact of Eudaimonia Researchers is? These questions will be answered in this event with Jani Sassali from the Bibliometrics Team of the University of Oulu.
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Depending on the discipline, scientific research can have many different impacts. In recent years, the broader societal impact of research outside of academia has become more significant. In various research evaluations as well as in research funding applications and reporting, societal impact has been elevated to its own evaluation criterion.

In this presentation, societal impact is examined from the viewpoint of its measurability, especially by means of bibliometrics. The presentation will show how societal impact can currently be measured, but also what practical means can be used to improve and highlight impact. In addition, the results of bibliometric analyses of the impact of Eudaimonia researchers based on publications from the years 2019-2022 will be presented.

Last updated: 6.4.2023