Streaming Slush in Oulu

The official Slush side-event, the "Streaming Slush - oululaista loskaa" at BusinessAsema. Come and feel the atmosphere from the worldwide event!

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BusinessAsema, Hallituskatu 36 B, Oulu

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You are welcome to follow the Slush stream at BusinessAsema both days starting at 2pm. The “Streaming Slush - oululaista loskaa” event includes not only the inspiring, live-streamed speeches from Slush, but also interesting insights from Oulu-based companies, which have taken part in Slush earlier.

On Wednesday (Dec 1) we will hear what Slush is like at the main venue in Helsinki. The companies that have already been in Slush will lead you to the atmosphere of Slush and give hints how to get ready for the event as a start-up company.

Thursday (Dec 2) is the “Research to Business" theme day. Arto Maaninen, The Vice Rector for Cooperation in University of Oulu, will give a speech on the role of education and research in the business sector. Furthermore, we will also hear the top hints on the body language in pitching. Nonverbal communication has an important role in selling your expertise – become an expert on it!

Along the streaming, our own reporters in Slush will take us right there to get the feel of the event in Helsinki and get us acquainted with interesting Oulu-based companies.

The event is arranged by Finanssi ry, Oulun Ekonomit, Suomen Ekonomit, BusinessAsema, BusinessOulu, and the University of Oulu.


The event is free and open to all. The registration is open from Nov 10th at 12.00 to Nov 25th.

Last updated: 10.11.2021