Sustainability Forum 15.2.2023: Bringing scientists together

How to collaborate interdisciplinarily to solve sustainability problems? Why do we need to collaborate to solve sustainability problems?

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Welcome to the first Sustainability Forum of 2023 to discuss how to communicate between different disciplines with their different paradigms and concepts in research and studies! We will at first hear introductions on multidisciplinarity and on sustainability science from specialists Heidi Peuraniemi and Anni Huovinen and a case example of doing interdisciplinary research on sustainability from postdoctoral researcher Antonio Calo. We will then move on to work in small groups to find ways to navigate with common concepts in different contexts. Insights of these groups will be wrapped up.

The event is organised on 15th of February between 12:15pm to 13:45pm at Tellus Linnanmaa Backstage.

Coffee and snacks will be served in Tellus Backstage so please register to this event via this form if you are planning to attend onsite in Tellus: by 12.2.

You can also participate in Zoom:

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