Tekniikan torstai-seminar: Trees with many purposes

Currently, many major trends occur in the world and especially in the field of Bioeconomy. The field is tightly connected to the climate change and have significant role in energy-, chemical-, food- and textile industries. In the seminar, thorough overview is given on the Bioeconomy research done at the University of Oulu.
Tekniikan torstai-seminar in the field of bioeconomy

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Tellus Innovation Arena, Backstage & Online

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High quality research in different subareas of bioeconomy have been done at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, together with companies and research institutes for over many decades.

Now researchers open up the results of their projects and present connections to the current major trends. For example, we will hear more about projects operating under Business Finland funded Business/Veturi Ecosystems, lead by the large international companies. 

The chairperson of the event is Kaisa Still, Key Account Manager of the University of Oulu.

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The main language of the event is Finnish, but some speeches as well all materials are presented in English.

You are warmly welcome to this interesting seminar!




Opening words

Session 1: Selluloosa tulevaisuuden biotuotteissa / Cellulose in the future bioproducts

SUSBINCO – Sustainable Binders and Coatings (BF Expand Veturi -ohjelma) 
Prof. Henrikki Liimatainen, Leader of Fiber and Particle Engineering research unit

ValCel – Value for Cellulosics (BF Expand Veturi -ohjelma) 
Terhi Suopajärvi, Senior Researcher, Fiber and Particle Engineering research unit

Session 2: Biomassasta fossiilisia raaka-aineita korvaavia tuotteita / Biomass-based products used to replace fossil raw materials

Kuusen kuoren tanniinista koagulantteja vedenpuhdistukseen
Tiina Leiviskä, University Researcher, Chemical Process Engineering-research unit

CaSH - Catalytic Slurry Hydrotreatment (BF Veturi -ohjelma: Novel sustainable & scalable solutions for transportation and chemicals)
Juha Ahola, University Lecturer, Chemcial Process Engineering- research unit

Session 3: Mathematical modeling in the development of integrated biorefinery concepts: case BioSPRINT

Matemaattinen mallinnus integroidun biojalostamokonseptin kehittämisessä: case BioSPRINT  
Markku Ohenoja, Postdoctoral Researcher, Environmental and Chemical Engineering-research unit

From organic waste to valuables – BioDigi 
Satu Ojala, University Researcher, Environmental and Chemical Engineering-research unit

Session 4: Biomassan jalostus furfuraalipohjaisiksi tuotteiksi / A refinement of biomass to produce furfural-based products

A case-study, Koneen Säätiö
Annu Rusanen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sustainable Chemistry-research unit

Business Finlandin veturiyritysten kumppanuusmallihanke: FurBio
Tuomo Kainulainen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sustainable Chemistry-research unit

Concluding words
Prof. Henrikki Liimatainen, Leader of Fiber and Particle Engineering-research unit


Last updated: 8.9.2022