(Un)Common Worlds III Conference

A human-animal studies conference at the University of Oulu (FIN), University of Derby (UK), and online

October 4–6, 2023

The confirmed keynote speakers are professor Jaana Erkkilä-Hill (visual arts, University of the Arts Helsinki), professor Naomi Sykes (archaeology, Exeter University), and professor Ang Bartram (Contemporary Art [Arts research], University of Derby), who will also be curating the exhibitions related to the conference.

This pivotal human-animal studies conference will be hosted by the University of Oulu (FIN) and University of Derby (UK), with an online component. Focused on root causes of biodiversity loss, it draws from human-animal studies and critical animal studies to explore perceptions of other species.
Scholars, artists, and thinkers converge to discuss environmental crises and the Anthropocene, aiming to forge a harmonious coexistence.

Organized by the Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies and supported by the University of Oulu's Biodiverse Anthropocenes research program. Keynote speakers include Professor Jaana Erkkilä-Hill, Professor Naomi Sykes, and Professor Ang Bartram, who will also curate relevant exhibitions. This event, building on past successes, embodies a beacon of collaboration and action in the face of ecological challenges.

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University of Oulu

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Last updated: 25.8.2023