Uniikkia Oulusta: Can the Oulu-based eco concrete save the world?

Concrete is cheap, versatile, reliable, and almost anything can be built from it, which is why it is the most used building material in the world. The production of concrete requires cement, which produces huge emissions to the environment. The University of Oulu studies eco concrete, which uses industrial waste as a raw material. Could Oulu-based eco concrete be the solution to the global emissions problem?
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Professor Mirja Illikainen describes a study aimed at replacing the current kind of concrete with an environmentally friendly alternative.

Uniikkia Oulusta (Unique from Oulu) is a science series in which researchers at the University of Oulu talk about their current research. The episodes are also visited in fascinating research environments.

Uniikkia Oulusta: Can the Oulu-based eco concrete save the world? will be released on Wednesday 10 May at 12 noon on the YouTube channel of the University of Oulu. You only need a web browser or a YouTube app to track the transmission. You can choose the subtitle language.

The series will also be published in the Mun Oulu online newspaper of the City of Oulu.

Last updated: 10.5.2023