Uniikkia Oulusta: How Russia became Russia?

In 2014, Russia took over the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine and continued its conquest efforts by launching a war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Russia is seeking the restoration of all areas that belonged to Russia in the past. What does the Russian great power thinking mean? What kind of neighbor has Russia historically been? What does it pursue with its conquest efforts? Do you know why a statue of Genghis Khan could be placed next to Toripolliisi in Oulu?
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Kari Alenius, professor of history, is an expert with the state development of Russia and Russian great power thinking. He talks about Russia's great power efforts, the influence of opinion and the role of the media as the mediator of images.

Uniikkia Oulusta: How Russia became Russia? will be released on Wednesday 17 May at 12 noon on the YouTube channel of the University of Oulu. You only need a web browser or a YouTube app to track the transmission. You can choose the subtitle language.

The series will also be published in the Mun Oulu online newspaper of the City of Oulu.

Last updated: 17.5.2023