UniOulu Science Day Satellite Event: Mittlab tour, from 14pm to 15pm

Welcome to a tour of our new Medical imaging teaching and test laboratory, Mittlab, as part of the UniOulu Science Day.

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Kontinkangas, Oulu University Hospital

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We offer a wide range of physical and virtual tools for teaching, research, testing and product development. Physical tools include computed tomography, projection radiography, cone beam computed tomography and mammography devices, and various test objects to be used with them. We also have an experimental CT setup with a photon counting detector, which intended use is tomographic imaging of biological samples.

Virtual tools include 360°-environments of imaging suites and virtual device interfaces of CT, MRI, and projection radiography. We are also interested in how our laboratory could be utilized outside the medical field. Come to see our facilities and discuss possibilities of future collaboration!

The tour starts 20.4. from Oulu University Hospital NK-door at 2:00 p.m. Please register to the tour here: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/446142A1BAF30A12.

The tour is part of the UniOulu Science Day programme.

Last updated: 27.3.2023