Villa Victor Pop-up in Career Centre

Multicultural centre Villa Victor of the city of Oulu is a lowtreshold meeting place that is open to all. Villa Victor provides Finnish language lessons, guidance in different languages and activities for immigrants and Finns living in Oulu free of charge.

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Career Centre (YT101)

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Villa Victor comes to Career Centre (YT101) to meet the students of University of Oulu on Tuesday 13 September 2022 at 12.00–15.00. The event is part of a series of four pop-up events that take place with different themes.

Upcoming Villa Victor Pop-up events:

  • 18 Oct 2022
  • 15 Nov 2022
  • ja 13 Dec 2022

Read more about the multicultural centre’s activities on Villa Victor’s website.

Last updated: 5.9.2022