Visitor Lecture by Associate Professor Marla Lujan

Welcome to a guest lecture by Associate Professor Marla Lujan from Cornell University on 28 November from 15-16!

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Associate Professor Marla Lujan from Cornell University will give a guest lecture on 28 November from 15-16.

The lecture can be attended remotely via the provided Zoom link.

Topic: Relevance of polycystic ovarian morphology in the clinical evaluation of PCOS

Time: Nov 28, 2023 03:00 PM Helsinki


Associate Professor Marla Lujan holds a Master's degree in Physiology and a PhD in Philosophy from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. She completed her postdoctoral studies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan before joining the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell. Her research focuses on the interaction between nutrition and metabolic status and women's reproductive health. Specific interests include understanding the mechanisms by which diet, glucose regulatory status, and obesity influence ovulation and lead to the loss of regular menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) in women. Her team uses high-resolution ovarian ultrasound to characterize follicular development during natural cycles, with the aim of confirming the utility of ovarian morphology to identify different causes of anovulation - such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), ovulation responses, degree of cardiometabolic dysfunction and PCOS risk - in adolescents. Her work also includes multidisciplinary assessments to understand the unique challenges faced by women with endocrine disorders, including usual diet and exercise, health-related knowledge and beliefs, and experiences of health care providers.

If you would like to meet Associate Professor Marla Lujan please contact the host, Prof. Terhi Piltonen.


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