Webinar: Why learning Finnish and having knowledge about life in Finland is important

It’s so easy to stay in “an international bubble” at the university and live your life using only English, while not really engaging with Finnish society. However, by doing this, you may lose meaningful connections with Finns and perhaps your whole Finland experience will remain at a superficial level.

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Let’s talk about why learning Finnish and learning about Finland – and Oulu in particular – are important, both in the short term, and especially if you are thinking of staying longer and putting down roots here.

Our guest speaker Anne Koskela is the leading Finnish as a second language teacher at the University of Oulu. Anne will provide information about the Finnish course offerings available at the University of Oulu for both students and staff and give some insight into the course contents. What is the connection between these courses and local life in Oulu and/or working in Finland?

Our other speaker is David Delahunty who is originally from Ireland and has lived in Finland for over 20 years. He will share his experiences about learning Finnish, and his insights concerning what to do, and what not to do with regards to learning Finnish.


This webinar is open to all international students, and staff members. The hosts, David and Monika, work for the University of Oulu as part of the Talent Boost program and are available to give support and tips to all international students and staff members on creating a comfortable life, and having the best experience possible while in Oulu.


Note: This webinar will be recorded and available online for future access. Any questions will be handled anonymously, however, please ensure that your name is changed/not visible beforehand if you wish to remain anonymous.

Last updated: 26.11.2021