Experiences from around the world

What is it like to be an exchange student? Read more about exchange experiences of students who are on exchange or have been on exchange.

Exchange student blogs

If you keep a blog during your exchange, we are happy to publish it on this page for other students to read. Your blog might be a huge help to someone planning on going on exchange. Please send your blogs address to: international.office(at)oulu.fi.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any blogs in English. Blogs kept in Finnish, you can find from the Kokemuksia maailmalta page.

Student exchange feedbacks

You can find the feedbacks given by students who have previously been on exchange from SoleMOVE. The feedbacks include information about studies, housing, free time, differences etc.

Go to the front page of SoleMOVE and click the header ”Exchange destinations Abroad and feedback”. You can choose, for example, a country abroad, an institution abroad and your own home unit and search.

Social media

Check #uniouluabroad on Instagram for more pictures and stories from abroad. Also, don't forget to share your experience with others!