Housing in Oulu

As a new international student, you have several options on how to arrange your housing in Oulu. Rental apartments are available through the local student housing foundation PSOAS or private markets. Although the selection is good, we recommend that you take care of your housing arrangements as soon as possible.

PSOAS student housing

PSOAS is the leading provider of student accommodation in Oulu. The organisation operates on a foundation basis which ensures affordable rents for students. Following its mission, PSOAS offers housing services for people studying in Oulu as cheaply as possible.

PSOAS offers almost 5,500 places to live - about 1,300 family apartments and 2,800 small apartments. All PSOAS properties have a fixed Internet connection and the comfort of tenants is increased by the actions taken by the local maintenance assistant and tenant committee.

Students are encouraged to apply for housing as early as possible.

More information on housing and how to apply at PSOAS website.

Other housing providers

If you do not receive housing through PSOAS please have a look at these options. Some of these offer several options while others are small, individual locations.

Many Finnish students leave Oulu for a semester or two to go abroad themselves and sublet their flats/rooms - usually furnished. Here are some links to advertising sites.

If you are not able to find housing before arriving to Oulu, it might be easier to look for a room after you have already arrived in Oulu. You can look for short term housing, for example, through Airbnb or similar.