Unsuitability to study (SORA legislation)

In order to promote the safety of minors, patients and customers, restrictions have been implemented to student admittance from the beginning of 2012.

Unsuitability to study (SORA legislation)

Drug testing and excerpt from criminal records during studies

In certain very limited cases, student may also be obligated to present a certificate of a drug test. Such cases mainly involve situations where testing is necessary in order to determine the student’s functional capacity and where certain additional conditions defined in detail in the law are fulfilled.

A student admitted in 2012 or later may be requested to provide an excerpt from his or her criminal record for the purpose of assessing his or her capacity to study. The excerpt may be requested only from those students whose practical training or other duties related to their studies require working with minors, and it will be requested before the beginning of the practical training or duties. In order to promote the safety of minors, it is necessary to know that a student entering practical training does not have an entry in his or her criminal record for certain serious offences (indecency and sexual offences, murder, manslaughter, homicide, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and serious narcotics offences). With certain additional conditions, being guilty of these offences constitutes grounds for the cancellation of the right to study, if the studies require working with children.

If a student refuses to provide a valid excerpt from his or her criminal record the students right to study can be suspended. If it becomes evident that the student will not present the excerpt from criminal record despite numerous requests, last measure can be to cancel the student's study right.

The student presents a criminal record excerpt before starting to work with minors. The excerpt must be submitted to the Academic Affairs services well in advance of the start of the practical training/work. The student presents the excerpt and keeps the excerpt for the next six months/for the duration of the excerpt's validity. If there are unusual markings in the presentation or content of the criminal record excerpt, the student will be contacted separately after the inspection.