Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners processes requests for rectifications of decisions concerning student admission, study credits, tuition fees and the accreditation of studies taken elsewhere (Universities Act section 27).


Rector has appointed Board of Examiners on 6.9.2011 under section 4 of the University of Oulu Education Regulations.


By Rector's decision on University of Oulu Board of Examiners composition until 31.12.2021 is as follows:


  • Chair Professor Keijo Ruotsalainen, ITEE
  • Vice-chair Professor Maria Kääriäinen, FMed
  • University Lecturer Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, FHum
  • University Lecturer Tapio Tenhu, FEdu
  • University Lecturer Kari Myllylä, FSci
  • University Teacher Markku Pulkkinen, OBS
  • ​Service Manager Katja Pura, Academic Affairs
  • Coordinator Heli Ruotsalainen, UniOGS
  • Student Joni Ollikainen, Student Union of the University of Oulu

Vice Member

  • Professor Tiina Keisanen, FHum
  • University Teacher Kangaspuoskari, FTec
  • University Lecturer Maarit Siromaa, FHum
  • University Lecturer Anu Alanko, FEdu
  • Academy Researcher Minna Patanen, FSci
  • University Teacher Juha Huikari, OBS
  • Service Manager Annu Perttunen, Academic Affairs
  • Coordinator Niina Timosaari-Hyry, UniOGS
  • Student Salla Napari, Student Union of the University of Oulu

The secretary for the Board of Examiners is Jukka Maamäki, vice secretary Tanja Kähkönen from Academic Affairs.