Study related fees

Study related fees in the University of Oulu are presented below.

Paying study related fees

Study related fees can be paid in the University of Oulu's EduStore online shop:

Non-degree study right

A person who is not enrolled as a degree student at the University of Oulu can be granted a non-degree study right. Non-degree studies have a fee, and it does not give the applicant degree student status. A non-degree study right can be granted for single courses or study modules. A non-degree study right covers only the period and the courses or course modules it has been granted for. The study right can be granted if the course or course module has room for additional students. Non-degree studies have a fee of 10 eur / ECTS cr per granted study credit. The fee is not charged for studies complementing teacher education studies. (Yliopistojen tutkinnoista annettu valtioneuvoston asetus 794/2004, 19 §).

Re-registration fee

Re-registration fee concerns those students, who register after the annual registration deadlines, whose study right has been reactivated or they have received an extension to their study right upon application. If the study right is reactivated, the student will get a right to re-register and is required to pay re-registration fee of 35 eur (Council of State’s Decree 1082/2009).

Certificate copy fee

Degree certificate and its appendices are unique documents, that are given only once. We will deliver a copy of a Degree certificate or a Transcipt of records when asked. Please read carefully the following ways of receiving a copy and agree the details with Academic Affairs.

  1. A student can download the information from Koski-service: free of charge.
  2. A transcript of records can be sent via encrypted email. Fee 20 eur.
  3. A student who graduated 1.8.2022 or after can order an Electronic degree certificate copy which includes Transcript of records and Diploma supplement. Receive via encrypted e-mail. Fee 50 eur.
  4. A student who graduated 31.7.2022 or before can order a paper copy of the Degree certificate which includes Transcript of records and Diploma supplement. Receive it by post. Fee 50 eur.
  5. A student can order an official Degree certificate in paper for international use. Only for students who have graduated from 1.8.2022. You'll have to deliver an argument which proves, that you have a need for this. Receive as a letter. Fee 50 eur. (Note! You can also apply for an Apostille-certificate to you Degree certificate for free.)