Microsoft 365 Education (M365)

Microsoft 365 Education was also known as Office 365 Education. We use the abbreviations M365 and O365 for it. It is Microsoft's suite of services that, in addition to email service and OneDrive storage, offers a wide range of tools available to all university students and staff.



M365 applications

M365 services can be used by online applications through the web browser and by desktop and mobile applications:

  • Microsoft 365 applications (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams) have been installed on the workstations maintained by ICT Services. Information: Laptops | Workstations.
  • You may install on your own devices, a free set of Microsoft 365 apps which is included in Microsoft agreements of educational institutions.
  • Instruction for language settings: M365 language settings

You can find short teaching videos related to the use of apps in the e-learnig service Eduhouse, read more: Eduhouse, ICT e-learning service.

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