Software for students use

This page contains information of the software which you may use free on students workstations, laptops of vendors and on remote desktops, or you can install them to your own computer for free or for a fee.




Access to programs acquired with the university licence is tied to the validity of your user account. Usually the licence to use the software ends when the studying ends.

The software for own computer are downloaded either from the software distribution service maintained by ICT Services or from a certain web store or web page. Always read first the instructions about the software installation.

University Software Distribution

The software distribution is a service of ICT Services from where software can be downloaded into own use according to the licence conditions of each software.

The software are either free of charge or either a license code should be purchased before downloading. Licenses of some programs allow installation only for a specific group; students or staff.

In the software distribution there also are installation instructions and licencing agreements, they are worthwhile to read carefully before the installing of the software.

Link to the distribution service:

  • Use university's user account to sign in


Depending on the license, you can either download or buy software in the university's webstore and in Kivuto webstores. The webstore links are found on the page Webstores.

Campus ICT support service for students

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