Accepting and celebrating diversity while seeking new adventures

Rasim Utku Kara wanted to study and live in the north, and while he was searching, he found the Northernmost School of Architecture.
Student ambassador at the university

My choice - Oulu School of Architecture

Utku is from a unique part of the world, Istanbul, Turkey, where a city lays its roots in between two continents. “I cannot be modest about Istanbul where the cultures meet and unite,” Utku further mentions. He feels at home when he goes for long walks in nature.

Before starting to study at the University of Oulu, Utku completed his internships and degree studies in his hometown Istanbul.

Northernmost School of Architecture

“I always knew I wanted to study and live in the North.” Then he began searching and found the University of Oulu with the northernmost School of Architecture.

“I wanted to get my MSc Architecture degree from an EU accepted university. On the other hand, as an architect, I see and find many similarities between my own style and Nordic flows.”

Utku likes how well studies co-exist with each other. While he was doing his studio work focused on the project, his other courses supported and detailed the main studio work.

“For example, in my first year, the second semester, while designing a modern art museum, we were detailing this museum with architectural lighting, interior design and structure courses.”

Warm and sincere people with Arctic Attitude

“I did my research well before arriving in Finland, so I knew what to expect.” Utku mentions.

“People in Finland are usually helpful and positive. They are warm and sincere people once you break their shell.” Utku further explains.

He believes that ‘Arctic Attitude’ shows itself the most when you are meeting with new people from diverse backgrounds.

Utku is hoping and working on finding an office he likes in Finland. The road ahead is unknown, but he knows that he can overcome anything that comes along the way. “Life is worth standing up and exploring!”

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