Making theory into practice at Oulu Business School

Are you thinking of learning practical business knowledge? Then, the AACSB accredited Oulu Business School should be your wise selection!


My choice - Oulu Business School

When I was searching for opportunities to study business in Finland, I got to know about the University of Oulu. Then I went through the different master’s programmes available at the Oulu Business School. Since I was always passionate about multi-cultural working and global business, my eyes caught the International Business Management master’s programme. There are also other business master’s programmes such as Business Analytics, Finance, Economics, Financial and Management Accounting and Marketing.

Why International Business Management?

One of the main reasons for me to choose this programme is the international outlook of the programme. When I read the course schedule, I was interested in the variety of unique courses and the different knowledge levels provided by each course. Finland is located in Europe, and I thought that studying at the University of Oulu would expose me to learn more diverse business knowledge via their learning experience and network with different work-life professionals.

Exciting courses

There are different courses available that are mandatory and optional. These courses also can be divided again as theoretical, practical and a mix of both.

For instance, I took the International Business Theory course in the first semester, which is a mix of theory and practice. The course provided a deep understanding of different international business-related theories and allowed us to evaluate those theories using real-life business scenarios. This course helped me build up my theoretical writing and improved my ability to identify and analyse business cases.

Another interesting course is Entrepreneurial Leadership. This is also a practical course where we have to develop our own business idea and develop it further. These learnings helped me to identify my own strengths and weaknesses in being an entrepreneur. I have imagined myself as an entrepreneur and worked throughout this course.

These kinds of business management courses are beneficial for students to think about challenges they can face in setting up a business in the real world and how to overcome them and initiate a successful business.

Support from the faculty

I am thankful for everyone who has been supportive throughout this study period so far.

There is immense support from the lecturers as they are effortless to communicate with. Whenever I have a doubt, I could quickly contact them and get help to proceed with my assignments.

I also get a lot of support from my tutor teacher, who provides me guidance in academics and life in Oulu. A tutor teacher is a person we can contact in general for our study-related issues, but they are also helpful for students to get many tips about settling with new life in Oulu. As I am new to Finland, I got a lot of information about surviving in winter.

I also got two amazing Kummi students who have become my friends. I am still in touch with them even though they have graduated. They are very helpful and provide advice from the students perspective. I believe that getting advice from a person with similar experience is very much beneficial.

This is a short story of my life so far at the Oulu Business school. I would recommend my study programme for anyone interested in having more exposure to practical business cases while learning theory. :)

About the author

Chathuka Bandara from Sri Lanka is studying International Business Management at the University of Oulu. He is a dog person and also loves the relaxed environment and natural beauty of Oulu.