Calm and enjoyable journey in Finland

The culture, the quality of education and aurora brought Elaheh Moallemkolaei to study Environmental Engineering at the University of Oulu.
UniOulu Ambassador Elaleh Moallemkolaei standing at campus

My choice - University of Oulu

Before coming to Finland, Elaheh completed her bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at the Babol Noshirvani University of Technology. During her bachelor's, she did her internship at the Department of Water and Wastewater Management in her hometown.

Upon graduation with her bachelor's degree, she applied to several universities in Europe. In the end, she chose the University of Oulu. "I had an amazing interview experience as an application procedure, and everything went well. I figured out that there will be no mental pressure at the University of Oulu," Elaheh explains.

"The courses and the programme structure were mentioned on the university's website. After checking them, I thought the programme contains what an environmental engineer needs to know."

Collaborative study environment

Adapting to the new education atmosphere was a little challenging for Elaheh at the beginning, but with the help of her friends, she overcame the challenges so far.

"It is amazing that we can have trips and fun with international friends besides our studies here. It makes us more energetic and alive."

As Elaheh mentions, her programme-related projects are primarily done in teams. Therefore, it has helped her to improve her teamwork skills. "The first piezoelectric device I made with my team was a wonderful experience I will never forget because I love lab work," Elaheh states.

Open to new experiences

Elaheh is from Sari, a small city in the north of Iran. It is a coastal city with welcoming people and delicious local dishes. She grew up in Sari until the end of her high school.

Elaheh defines herself as a person who welcomes new experiences.

"Now I am in Oulu doing my master's degree, and I love this town so far because I feel at home."

"Finland has stunning nature, especially in the summer. The colours are saturated. Winter is also beautiful with the snow. And it gets even prettier when the chances of hunting aurora go up." Elaheh states. "All in all, I have enjoyed this journey so far in Finland, and I am looking forward to new adventures!"