My first Finnish experience

I arrived in Finland in August 2021 at the Vantaa airport, and my first shock was the weather. It was so cold that day, and I knew Finland was cold but experiencing it was different from reading up on a blog or website.

The journey continues

I arrived in Oulu that same day and went to my apartment, where I got to meet my housemates, which have been helpful to me since I got here. I toured the city the following day, and I started to see the Finnish way of life. The very first thing I noticed was that everyone had a bicycle in Finland, both young and old, which was quite an exciting thing to note.

Another thing to note is the beautiful parks that the city of Oulu has, I was lucky to be here just before the winter, and I was opportune to see the beautiful green nature that Oulu has to offer. If you love nature, then Finland is a must-visit city for you. I have also been lucky enough to see the aurora, and it was such a beautiful sight.

Ainola park in Oulu.

When I first visit the campus and do not know my way around, all I need to do is ask and explain where I am going, and the person will go out of his way to take me there.

My experience with Finns is that they are some of the nicest people in the world and very helpful.

Many people have this conception about Finns that they are shy, not affectionate, and keep to themselves. This is true, Finns are not the type to approach you to start a conversation, but when you approach them and talk to them and get to know them, they are very fun to talk to and very friendly. They are also the humblest people I have come across.

Queuing for lunch on campus.

Finally, let me talk about Finnish food. First, buying food at a restaurant outside the campus is expensive. So, I generally cook my food at home or eat on campus. University restaurants offer the cheapest meals you can find in Finland.

Honestly, I'm not too fond of the food here because it is so different from what we have back home. Most of the time, I prefer cooking my meals. But it can change over time. Not to forget, the Finns love their beers, coffee, and milk.

My experience has been unique in Finland so far, and the winter is already here. I think I am well prepared for it. Finland is a place I would recommend to anyone either for studies or to visit.

About the author

Ayomikun Adewale (nickname- Ay) from Nigeria is studying the Wireless Communications Engineering master's programme at the University of Oulu. He is a nature lover and a fun person to interact with. Apart from that, he has a passion for graphic designing and cooking as well.