Not fazed by the Arctic weather conditions, A. H. M. Shahariar Kabir makes the most of Oulu

A. H. M. Shahariar Kabir is studying Economics at the University of Oulu. He was interested in seeing the winter and northern lights. He chose Oulu because of his friend’s experience.
A man (A. H. M. Shahariar Kabir) smiling, the university hallway behind him

My choice - Oulu Business School

A. H. M. Shahariar Kabir says that he was curious to see the winter with its snowfall and northern lights. After all, he’s coming from Bangladesh, which is a country with only two seasons. In his home country, Kabir completed his degree in economics and had a job as a lecturer. He says he wanted to build his knowledge in the area and wanted to get a European perspective.

“Finland came to mind because of its great reputation in economics. I actually have a friend who had completed his Master’s degree in economics here, and that’s why I started researching the University of Oulu.”

When he first arrived in Oulu and was adjusting to the autumn season, Kabir was surprised a few weeks later, when the temperature plummeted to -16 C.

“It was horrible!”, Kabir says with a laugh, before amending his statement: “It was a little difficult to get used to it, but now I’m okay. The weather is totally different from what I’m used to, but I can adjust.”

Professional plans

Kabir’s interests professionally have to do with environmental economics. He says there is a need for a sustainable economic plan to reduce environmental pollution, which is a major concern in Bangladesh.

“My country is overpopulated and one of the most polluted countries. It’s obvious we have to put an environmental economic plan to action in Bangladesh,” Kabir says.

“My programme also includes health economics, quantitative economics and so forth. I am looking to build up my knowledge, become a researcher, maybe pursue a PhD.”

Making new friends

When Kabir first arrived in Oulu, he was feeling lonely because he was used to being with so many people back home. He was also missing his family.

“Then I got involved with the Kummi Family and Ambassador programmes and many other communities like Erasmus Student Network, and I have made so many friends. There are also many great activities and events to sign up for. I love being social and being with people,” Kabir says, citing travel as one of his favorite things to do.

Being curious about other cultures and other people, Kabir joined the UniOulu Ambassador programme.

“I always love to meet new people, make new friendships and learn about different cultures, and the Ambassador programme is really wonderful for that. Here is also a chance for me to represent my university to other people and make them interested in studying here. This is a huge opportunity for me,” Kabir says.

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