Playing a role in bringing 6G into this world

Syed Hamza Nadeem, master’s student in Wireless Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu, is excited to study at the first university in the world researching 6G technology.

My choice - University of Oulu

Syed Hamza Nadeem from Pakistan is excited to study at the first university globally that researches 6G technology. It is the main reason he chose to come to Oulu, the Arctic Silicon Valley.

“I dream of contributing to technology that will change the lives of people all around the world, and working on 6G can fulfil this dream”

A new journey in Finland

Coming from an area in Pakistan, where winters are mild and the temperatures otherwise hot, Hamza is looking forward to winter in Finland and experiencing a lot of snow for the first time. This new climate might be a challenge, but that is just how he likes it: “Rather a life full of challenges than a mainstream one,” he says. As of now, studies take place remotely, and Hamza is happy with how easy, comfortable and well-organised online teaching is.

Right place to start the journey

During his school and university time, Hamza got to know the cultural diversity of his home country, Pakistan. Now he sets out to find it in another part of the world. “I want to meet people from different backgrounds, which will give me a better perspective of the world,” he says. He chose Finland for gaining this perspective because of its reputation of happiness and prosperity. “I would like to know how that feels and what makes a community happy,” he explains.

Hamza wants to play a role in bringing 6G into the world. Whether it will be in research or by working in a technology company, he wants to leave to fate. But one thing is for sure: The University of Oulu, with its 6G flagship programme, is the right place to start this journey.

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