Project-based learning to deepen the knowledge

Mohamed Redha Aouadja is studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Oulu and is impressed by the educational structure and teaching methods.
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My choice - University of Oulu

Redha, previously holding a master’s degree in robotics, decided to study Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Oulu to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and seek out the immense opportunities.

“Computer Engineering is a wide field, and the University of Oulu offers a wide variety of courses to cover everything, from AI (Artificial Intelligence), Virtual Reality, to system-on-chip and data science that broadens our knowledge horizon.”

Allows to gain a new expertise

Redha mentions that the University of Oulu has stood out from all the other universities because of its vast area of research in Computer Science and Engineering.

“What I like the most about Oulu University is that most courses are not exam-based, but project-based, which allows you to gain a new skill every time you finish a course.”

Projects during his studies have been fun; most projects were held in groups, which has allowed Redha to meet new people and work in unique environments. “One of the courses I really enjoyed and recommend to people from all education backgrounds is FabLab, as it covers most crucial aspects in engineering,” Redha further explains.

Oulu is a stunning city in the heart of Finland

Redha is originally from Jijel, Algeria, a city shining over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by high mountains, for stunning views and impeccable fresh food. Redha defines himself as a person who is motivated by the will to contribute to the advancement of technology and someone who enjoys outdoor adventures.

“Oulu is a stunning city in the heart of Finland, allowing me to experience the Arctic Attitude of the north and be surrounded by a rapidly growing IT industry.”

“First impression of Finland was how cold it is, but happily I embraced the winter and the cold by doing many adventures, such as hiking and camping in the extreme weather, and of course, the sauna is always there for a perfect ending,” Redha mentions.

The journey in Finland has been life-changing for Redha, from meeting new international people and trying new adventures to experiencing the Arctic Attitude and facing the education challenges. “This journey has helped me to grow as a person.”

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