The race to 6G looms in a researcher’s mind

Muhammad Asad Ullah is pursuing his Master’s degree in Wireless Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu and already has plans to continue for his doctoral degree. He has set his mind on becoming a great researcher.
A portrait photo of Muhammad Asad Ullah

My choice - University of Oulu

When Muhammad Asad Ullah arrived in Oulu, he found that the place exceeded his expectations.

“The study environment is very good, the teachers are very responsive. I am involved in a lot of things that are giving me many chances to learn more and more,” Muhammad says.

“Information and communication technologies that have been developed in Oulu are used by over 2.6 billion people daily. My programme gives me the opportunity to learn about the design and implementation of wireless solutions for the Internet-of-Things and 5G networks.”

In addition to his studies, Muhammad is also working as a research assistant at the Center for Wireless Communication. The University of Oulu has a strong track record in researching and developing wireless communication technologies and is now spearheading the race to 6G, which Muhammad considers “a golden opportunity”.

“I have a passion for research,” the Pakistani-born Muhammad says.

Focus on machine-type communication

Muhammad is focusing on machine-type communication (or machine-to-machine communication) in his research. “As more and more devices become smart, there will be massive amounts of data transmitted wirelessly between them,” he says.

“I feel that I am in the perfect place here: while I’m working, I get to have an insider’s view into what’s happening in this area. I can increase my knowledge and polish my skills as a researcher.”

Social life in Oulu

Relaxed and extroverted, Muhammad has also made new friends in Oulu and enjoys the social life. He enjoys cooking with friends and spending time socially with them.

“I have had the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world during workshops, seminars and gaming activities. The university organizes a Festival of Cultures each year to bring hundreds of people together that represents the university’s wide partnership network, multiculturalism and diversity,” Muhammad recounts.

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