Kontinkangas Research Seminars Autumn 2023

What: Kontinkangas Research Seminars includes several interesting presentations by visiting and local experts. The topics intends to cover Health and Biosciences related disciplines.

To Whom: Seminars are for everybody: doctoral researchers, researchers and clinicians etc. across Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Registration: Seminars are open for everyone without registration

Credits: 0,5 ECTS (Attendance to 10 seminars)

Preliminary programme of the Autumn 2023 Kontinkangas Research Seminars. 

Preliminary programme of the Autumn 2023 Kontinkangas Research Seminars.
Coffee is served during networking session 20 min before the presentation time.
Welcome everybody! No registration required.
Field-specific credits can be earned according to UniOGS recommendations (attendance for 10 seminars: 0,5 ECTS). You can find detailed instructions from UniOGS website (How to get credits from studies?).

Organized by Biocenter Oulu and Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme.

Kontinkangas Research Seminars Autumn 2023 preliminary Programme

Time and venue Speaker Title

August 22, 15.15-16 Note! Tuesday


Bin Li

Shanghai Jiantong University School of Medicine, China

Molecular mechanisms underlying Foxp3+ Treg stability in health and diseases

August 24, 15.15-16


Jaqueline Rios

Department of Orthopedics

UMC Utrecht

The Netherlands

The metabolic osteoarthritis puzzle: mechanisms, clinical implications, and treatment strategies

September 7, 15.15-16


Margit Egg

Institute of Zoology

University of Innsbruck


From Chrono- over Quantum Biology to medical treatment: about cellular clocks, hypoxia and spins

September 21, 15.15-16


Mikko Finnilä

Research Unit of Health Sciences and Technology, FMED


Jianan Huang

Research Units of Health Sciences and Technology, FMED and Disease Networks, FBMM

Vascularization and oxygen sensing in musculoskeletal tissues

Plasmonic nanopore technologies for molecule manipulation towards single-molecule Raman sequencing

October 19, 15.15-16


Kari Kurppa

Institute of Biomedicine and MediCity research laboratories
Faculty of Medicine
University of Turku

Eliminating the seeds of relapse - targeting residual disease following targeted therapy

October 26, 15.15-16


Arto Mannermaa

School of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Forensic Medicine

University of Eastern Finland and Biobank of Eastern Finland


November 9, 15.15-16


Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä

Faculty of Health Sciences, A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

Exploring the Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Coronary Artery Disease Through Single-Cell Sequencing and Functional Genomics

November 16, 15.15-16


Matthew Cockman

Hypoxia Biology Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute,

London, UK

Oxygen signalling through a proteomic lens

November 30, 15.15-16


Steven Proulx

Theodor Kocher Institute

University of Bern, Switzerland

In vivo imaging of the connections between the CNS and the lymphatic system

December 14, 12-16


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