20 funded doctoral researcher positions available for application in the Focus Institutes

University of Oulu has allocated twenty (20) 4-year doctoral researcher positions to the emerging research themes in association with the four focus institutes Biocenter Oulu, Eudaimonia Institute, Infotech Oulu and Kvantum Institute. The Emerging projects in the strategic focus areas will connect multidisciplinary research across disciplines with the spearhead projects of the University of Oulu.

The application period for jobs has ended.

Four doctoral researcher positions associated with Biocenter Oulu:

  • Role of hypoxia signalling in cartilage health
  • Label-free single-molecule digital Raman assay for quantification of lowabundance biomarkers (DigiRaman)
  • I Uterine 3D morphology and extracellular matrix in establishment and maintenance of pregnancy. II. Search and study of novel genetic and contributing factors critical for male fertility.
  • Genetic susceptibility and novel molecular mechanisms in viral encephalitis.

Four doctoral researcher positions associated with Eudaimonia Institute:

  • A spitting image: Direct-to-consumer DNA testing and new networks of kinship (A-SPIT)
  • Democratic education and social inequalities in politically polarised societies
  • Developmental and situational dynamics of students’ math emotions, motivation, and performance (eMotMath)
  • NORTHSENSE: Materialities and mobilities of the north through innovative sensory ethnographic methods”
  • Application of digital technologies in promoting tourists’ sustainable behavior in sensitive environments and protected areas: An Arctic perspective.

Five doctoral researcher positions associated with Infotech Oulu:

  • What a healthy future city feels like?
  • Social equality for digital rural areas
  • Provably Authentic Model Training in Machine Learning
  • Portable diagnosis and deep tissue monitoring with microwaves
  • Bayesian deep learning for opportunistic disease screening.

Six doctoral researcher positions associated with Kvantum Institute:

  • Hybrid microbial electrochemical technology constructed wetland (HyMETland)
  • Ionospheric electric currents and their dependence on interplanetary magnetic field: measurements and modeling in different spatial scales (ICONIC)
  • The potential of non-native pink salmon to boost Arctic ecosystems – a threat or an opportunity?
  • Investigating the geodiversity-biodiversity relationship under climate change
  • Cosmo-local value networks for carbon-capturing magnesium cement
  • T-Capsules: Granulated mine tailings as solid CO2 adsorbents and their performance/ recyclability as secondary aggregate in concrete production.
Last updated: 28.11.2022