Answer the survey about the guidance of students and studies. Among all respondents, we will draw 20 movie tickets!

How well does student counseling and guidance meet the needs of students? By responding to the survey, you help the University of Oulu improve the quality and effectiveness of student counseling and guidance. You can also win tickets to the movies.

In accordance with the decision of the quality work steering group (all vice-rectors, service director, development director, head of planning, quality specialist), an internal evaluation of the education will be carried out during 2024, the subject of which is the Guidance of students and studies.

The goal of the survey is to assess and improve the quality and effectiveness of guidance for students and studies. The evaluation aims to gather information on how well the services related to guidance at the University of Oulu meet the students' needs and support their learning and the progress of their studies. Additionally, the evaluation seeks to identify areas for improvement and good practices in the guidance of students and studies.

Answer the survey via this link The response time is until April 30, 2024.

Among all those who answered, we will draw 20 movie tickets to the cinema Star. If you want to participate in the movie ticket drawing, you will be redirected to a different form where you can leave your contact information for the draw. Your contact information cannot be linked to the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact:
Johanna Flyktman, quality specialist

Last updated: 18.3.2024