Apply for the degree certificate in Peppi from April 1st 2022.

Applying for the degree certificate takes place in Peppi from April 1st 2022.

When you are about to graduate, please check your studies (your PSP in Peppi) and credits and make sure that everything is there. After that, apply for the degree certificate, diploma, in Peppi’s Graduation -service.

There are two phases in the Graduation -service:
1) reviewing
2) finalizing.

In this first phase students that are applying for Bachelor’s degree, will answer first in Finland’s Bachelors’ Survey. Others will proceed straight to the degree certificate application, which is also the checking list for graduation. After you have sent your application, the officer will review your studies, your PSP in Peppi and credits. After that you get a notification that you can send your application to be finalized.

In finalizing phase all information related to graduation will be reviewed and the graduation date confirmed. After all your information has been processed, you get a notification of the acceptance and confirmation of the graduation date.

More information will be found on webpage on March 31: For Students  Graduation

Last updated: 30.3.2022