Apply to the EULab Winterschool 2023 – Spend a week in France

Master’s students in Marketing and International Business Management, this is a unique learning opportunity. Oulu Business School is offering a 5-week course on designing sustainable futures in collaboration with Kemmy Business School (University of Limerick, Ireland) and Audencia University (Nantes, France).

The EULab Winterschool 2023 will allow you to define and understand a particular sustainability problem area and then through a series of stages ideate, prototype and test your solutions. Look at the course brochure to learn more.

You will spend one week in Nantes, France, from 16 January till 20 January 2023 and then work online with your team members until mid/end-February 2022. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the EULab project.

A maximum of 5 students will be selected from Oulu Business School. If passed, the course will be registered for Marketing students as Additional Studies in Marketing, Advanced Level, 6 ECTS and for International Business Management students as Additional Studies in International Business, Advanced Level, 6 ECTS.

If you are interested, please apply by Friday 28 October 2022 through this link.

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EULab-team Oulu:

Jan Hermes,[at]

Mari Juntunen

Anne Keränen

Mohsin Abdur Rehman

Last updated: 11.10.2022