Apply for new Talent Boost funding for community events by the 14th of December!

The Talent Boost Bottom-up Initiative support grant is internal funding for developing community events and activities open to all the members of the university community. That means that all the Bachelor’s and Master’s students, doctoral researchers, and expert and support staff of the University of Oulu are now able to propose ideas for community events and activities and get support to make them happen.

With the funding, you can:

  • Launch events and activities you think are missing at the University of Oulu at the moment;
  • Get support to realize your own ideas and vision;
  • Contribute to community-building and well-being actions of the University in a meaningful way;

The applications can be submitted in English or Finnish using this form. More information, principles, and guidelines can be found from Patio (sign in required with the University credentials).

Up to 10 applications per semester will get funding. The applications are evaluated by the Talent Boost team and are confirmed by the Talent Boost steering board. Successful applicants will be notified via email. The funding covers realised direct costs up to 1500€ at the maximum.

The funding call is open from November 2 until December 14. The applicants will receive decisions by January 20, 2023 at the latest.

For information and enquiries:

Last updated: 3.11.2022