Apply now to become a student tutor or kummi for new students for the academic year 2024-2025!

Student tutors and kummi students support new degree and exchange students in starting their university studies by introducing them to university studies, the university community, and other students. Tutoring is an important part of a successful start to one's own studies.

The application to become a tutor or kummi is open until the 4th of February, you can apply with this application form! Please read the application page carefully before applying. 😊

All students at UniOulu, who have progressed in their studies and are responsible, motivated, and committed to the role of tutor or kummi, can apply to become a tutor for degree students or a kummi for exchange students.

Student tutors guide the new students of the University of Oulu in small groups of about 10 students at the beginning of the academic year. The tutoring occurs in early Autumn, when the tutor and kummi students guide a small group of new students for a total of 15 to 20 hours. Depending on the faculty, part of the tutoring might already start during the Spring term in the form of communication and answering the questions of the newly admitted international students.

As part of preparing for the role, each tutor and kummi will create their own tutoring plan, where they describe the planned times and preliminary contents for their tutoring sessions. This plan, then checked by their own faculty's representative, will serve as the backbone for the tutoring.

The main topics of the tutoring session typically include for example:

  • familiarising new students with the study environment and its various study services,
  • introducing them to the basics of university studies and their degree programme,
  • familiarising them with the student's daily tools such as Tuudo and ICT services,
  • introducing them to the topics of student well-being and study skills,
  • and of course, introducing students to each other, supporting team-building, and sharing other essentials of a well-balanced and joyful student life. 🤗

Each tutor and kummi is trained for their role and supported throughout the tutoring process, both by the university's counselling services and by their own faculty and degree programme.

In addition to support and guidance, tutor and kummi students receive:

  • salary, 14,10€ per tutoring hour (please read carefully the terms and conditions from the tutoring page)
  • a work certificate issued by the University,
  • the experience of being able to help others, and the possibility to meet new people,
  • a chance to experience the freshman year from a different perspective,
  • possibility to take part in the peer activities organized for all tutor and kummi students.

The application period to become a tutor or kummi is open 2.1.-4.2.2024.

Welcome to join us as a tutor or kummi student! 🤗 💛

Questions and more info can be sent to

Last updated: 8.1.2024