Arctic Researchers’ Network grant 1/2024

Thule Institute received six applications for the Arctic Researchers’ Network (ARN) Call for proposals 1/2024 for international cooperation in the field of Arctic research, of which five were granted.

The ARN grant is for organizing and participating in EU/International project preparation meetings, and research and education activities in the University of Arctic Thematic Networks, Arctic Five collaboration, or other in the Arctic. The total funding allocated to this call was 14 708 €.

The following five applications were granted:

  • Network meet & Session 4.4.3 Gender equal and inclusive Arctic communities; Intersectional Gender Equality within Academia - Exploring Sustainable Futures in the Arctic, Arctic Congress in Bodo 2024.
    Mervi Heikkinen, Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education, Faculty of Education and Psychology
    Granted amount: 2000 €
  • Empowering the next generation: Supporting junior scholars’ participation in academic conferences (ICASS & IPTRN).
    Alix Varnajot, History, Culture and Communication Studies, Faculty of Humanities
    Granted amount: 2520 €
  • Fostering Collaborative Initiatives between the University of Oulu and UNIS.
    Juan Galarza, Ecology and Genetics, Faculty of Science
    Granted amount: 3000 €
  • Action plan for the arctic research and collaboration project
    Anna-Mari Simunaniemi, Oulun yliopiston Kerttu Saalasti Instituutti
    Granted amount: 3578 €
  • Wellbeing in the Arctic.
    Arja Rautio, Biomedicine and Internal Medicine Unit, Faculty of Medicine
    Granted amount: 3610 €


Last updated: 21.5.2024