Arctic Researchers’ Network grant 3/2023

Thule Institute received eleven applications for the Arctic Researchers’ Network (ARN) Call for proposals 3/2023 for international cooperation in the field of Arctic research, of which five were granted.

In the case of equally good applications the priority was given to those applicants who had not received grant before or not during the recent years.

The ARN grant is for organizing and participating in EU/International project preparation meetings, and research and education activities in the University of Arctic Thematic Networks, Arctic Five collaboration, or other in the Arctic. The total funding allocated to this call was 20 000 €.

The following five applications were granted:

  • Arctic Horizons: A Writing Retreat for EU-Horizon Grant Application on Resilient, Coastal, Arctic Communities. Thora Herrmann, History, Culture and Communications Research Unit, Faculty of Humanities. Granted amount: 3800€

  • A grant writing workshop for the proposal “A shared story: storying to build better relations with more-than-human intelligences”. Anna Krzywoszynska, History, Culture and Communication; Faculty of Humanities. Granted amount: 3600€

  • Oulanka EcoClimate science and arts workshop. Riku Paavola, Oulanka Research Station. Granted amount: 4600€

  • Integrating Scientific, Societal and Engineering Approaches to assess Water Resources Management in a Changing Arctic. Epari Ritesh Patro, Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, Faculty of Technology. Granted amount: 3400 €

  • One Health in the Arctic. Arja Rautio, Biomedicine and Internal Medicine Unit, Faculty of Medicine. Granted amount: 4600 €


Last updated: 16.11.2023