Are you planning to graduate in the summer? Check the graduation timetables of your degree programme!

If you are planning to graduate in the summer, make sure you are on time and check your degree programme’s timetables in the For you -content.
Sustainability was identified as the critical driver for 6G R&D in the world's first white paper published by the 6G Flagship in 2019. 6G Flagship's Director of Sustainability and Regulation, Marja Matinmikko-Blue, sums up where we are now.

Please note that the thesis process, including reviews and approvals, takes time. Once all your studies are complete, you will need to fill in a graduation application in Peppi, which might take a week to process.

Please note that response times concerning graduation-related inquiries may be delayed especially during July due to the holiday season, but all inquiries will be noted and answered during the finalization of graduations. If all credit markings are in order by your faculty-specific deadlines, graduation for July can still be confirmed at the beginning of August.

If you wish to complement your knowledge after graduation you can apply for a complementary study right when submitting your application for degree certificate through Peppi's Graduation service. Please, check degree program’s instructions.

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Graduation: Master’s Degree

Graduation: Licentiate of Medicine/Dentistry

Last updated: 12.4.2024