The beauty and the beast of hydrogen transition lies in complex solutions – key to carbon neutrality

Finland is committed to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly society being carbon neutral by 2035. United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) historically just agreed on abandoning the fossil fuels. Hydrogen transition is the key to carbon neutrality, but it is not without challenges: the beauty and the beast of this transition lies in its complex solutions, writes Professor Marko Huttula.
Photocatalysis device in the laboratory

COP28 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) made a historical step by agreeing in a sentence with joint aim on abandoning fossil fuels. Carbon neutrality does not happen without challenges, exemplified by the “chicken-egg” problem in the large-scaled hydrogen use and production – called hydrogen transition. The challenge highlights the need for innovative solutions and cross-sectoral collaborative efforts. Transition requires a unified approach, multiple solutions and breaking down barriers to pave the way for a hydrogen-based future.

Read more about the beauty and the beast; the possibilities and the challenges of hydrogen transition in a blog post by Marko Huttula, professor and Head of Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit and H2Future research program, in Science with Arctic Attitude blog.

Last updated: 22.12.2023