Become a volunteer for European Capital of Culture Veszprém in Hungary

Veszprém in Hungary will be one of the European Capital of Culture next year. Veszprém uses the European Solidarity Corps for international volunteering and is now looking for young people aged 18-29 for an international volunteer period of three weeks from 8 to 28 January 2023. The project covers travel, accommodation, food, pocket money and insurance during the trip.

The opening of the European Capital of Culture will take place in Veszprém on 20-22 January 2023, and volunteers will be able to see and participate in one of the biggest events of the year. The voluntary programme is a key element in the implementation of the European Capital of Culture and, in many cases, at the opening of events, the work of volunteers is invaluable.

Apply by 11 December 2022

Oulu is the European Capital of Culture 2026. The planning of the Oulu2026 voluntary programme is under way, but we have to wait for the opening another three years. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for young people to see the European Capital of Culture through the eyes of a volunteer.

More information on the volunteer period can be found on the Veszprém website and on the European Solidarity Corps website.

Last updated: 1.12.2022