The call for Oulu Business School Student Tutors and Kummi Tutors is open until 4.2.2024

The call for OBS Student Tutors for international programmes and Kummi students for exchange students is now open! The application deadline is February 4th. Below you can see the tasks and responsibilities of a Kummi and Tutor student.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of a Tutor and Kummi student?

  • meeting the new students at the beginning of September / at the beginning of January (only for Kummis of Spring exchange students), welcoming them, helping them settle down and introducing the Finnish culture to them
  • organizing tutoring sessions with other groups as well as with the Finnish-speaking small groups
  • help the students get to know other students and the university community and campus
  • helping the students with study-related questions

Why should you be a Student Tutor or Kummi?

  • easy way to get to know new cultures and practice language skills
  • great opportunity to get new friends from all over the globe
  • you get a certificate and paid for being a Tutor or Kummi

Recommendations for Student Tutor/ Kummi:  

  • You are a responsible person
  • Your studies are progressing as planned

It is essential that a Student Tutor or Kummi is motivated and eager to guide new freshmen and participate in different activities with your students!

As a Student Tutor or Kummi, you will be required to participate in the trainings in Spring 2024, held before May. Tutor/Kummi students are also required to meet their students at the end of August/Beginning of September when they arrive, and they need a tutor. Additionally, the Kummi students for exchange students of Spring 2025 must be present in the beginning January 2025. You may also receive questions from students in the spring/summer.

You can find more information on tutoring at the University's website.

Student Tutors and Kummi students are paid 14,10 € per hour. Student Tutors for international programmes and Kummi students are paid for a maximum of 20 hours. You will get a certificate.

Student tutors are required as follows:

  • Kummis for exchange students
    • 10 Kummi students for autumn semester 2024 and 
    • 5 Kummi students for spring semester 2025
  • For International Master’s programmes: 8 Student Tutors
    • Business Analytics
    • IBM
    • FMA
    • Economics
    • Sustainable Marketing
    • Finance
  • For International Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management:
    • 4 Student Tutors

How to apply? 

  1. Fill in the electronic application form. 
  2. Attach the following documents to the application: 
  3. CV in PDF format (including picture of yourself)
  4. Transcript: Peppi: At the top of the Student's desktop you are able to find Atomi through which you can download the transcript.
  5. Welcoming letter introducing yourself to the tutoring group.

The selections will be based on application documents and interviews. Interviews will be held on February 14th and 15th in Oulu Business School’s meeting room TA115.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information! You can email Supertutors at their addresses.

Best regards,

Oulu Business School and Academic Affairs OBS Service Team together with Supertutors  Janne (email: janne.v.vaisanen) and Anna (email: anna.piirainen)

Last updated: 20.1.2024