Changes in OBS student mailing lists

There are changes to the OBS student mailing lists, e.g. the degree programmes have now their own student mailing lists.

Information about changes in student mailing lists:

  • The degree programs have been create their own mailing lists. You are on the list of your own program, from which your email address is automatically copied in the faculty level student mailing list.
  • The lists include the addresses of students who have registered as attending or absent in Peppi.
  • There can be no other address on the mailing list than, so please follow actively your student email.
  • By next week at the latest (week 40) we are sending a test message via updated faculty level mailing list. If you do not receive the message, please contact (at)
  • If you receive mail from a wrong mailing list (wrong degree programme) or do not receive mail that the rest of your study programme students receive, please contact (at)
  • The university has outlined what kind of messages can be mailed to students through official student mailing lists. In the future, official lists will focus more only on matters related to studies. For example, job advertisements will not be forwarded via OBS mailing lists in the future, but an app of its own will be available for job advertisements in October. This will be communicated separately.
Last updated: 28.9.2023