Cheer on Oulu for the European Capital of Culture - you can win prizes

Sing, laugh, crochet or rock! Or encourage Oulu to victory with a trick, poem or dance and win great prizes.

How would you cheer on Oulu and its partner municipalities to win the Capital of Culture competition? Make a cheerful video or take a picture alone or with your friends and win a hotel night and other top prizes.

This is how you participate in the cheering

  1. Come up with a wild cheer for Oulu alone or with a good group
  2. Send the cheer to us by May 31 with one of the following ways:

Include your name, phone number and email address to your message via WhatsApp or email.

If you participate in the competition with a team, select one contact person who will represent the entire team and put the video forward.

Read more about the cheering and the competition at Oulu2026 page.

More information about the Oulu2026 project.

Last updated: 20.5.2021