City of Oulu joined to Fab City network

Oulu has been officially accepted as a member of the Fab City network in a ceremony taken place in Timphu (Bhutan). The goal of the network is to achieve more sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship, the development of a circular economy, improving lifelong learning opportunities for all groups of citizens, and a carbon-neutral future.
Oulun yliopiston FabLabin johtaja Jani Ylioja edusti kaupunkia FabConferensissa Bhutanissa,  jossa Oulu liittyi osaksi verkostoa heinäkuussa 2023. Kuvassa myös MIT:n professori  Neil Gershenfeldl (vas.) sekä Fab City Foundationin johtaja Tomas Diez (oik.).
Neil Gershenfeld (proffessor from MIT), Jani Ylioja (Super Fab Lab Oulu director) and Tomás Diez (Fab City Director) during the official ceremony where Oulu was included in the Fab City Network.

The Fab City global initiative is "an innovative urban model that relocalises production to the city and its bioregional context, by empowering communities with the technology to build their own sustainable, innovative, and regenerative urban futures". Fab City offers members of its network partnerships, tools, training programs, resources and global visibility. FabLabs are the center of all these activities in the cities participating in the network.

In Oulu, apart from Super Fab Lab Oulu (located in University of Oulu premises) there are other 4 Fab Labs located in BusinessAsema and at Hinta, Yli-Kiiminki and Yli-Ii schools. All of them are part of the STEAM in Oulu network which brings STEAM education and sustainability concepts to the Finnish Curriculum for education.

Jani Ylioja, director of the Super Fab Lab Oulu , is happy that the city of Oulu has joined the network.

"Including the city of Oulu offers a new significant research and development area for creating the society of the future. The Fab City network aims to be self-sufficient in terms of food, energy and consumer goods at the city level by 2054," .

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Last updated: 21.8.2023